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 last updatet: 27-10-2009
On this website you will find information about my work as a musician, choral conductor, music teacher and musicologist. But there will also be some personal notes about Transhumanism, Libertarianism and Space Colonization. All pages open in a new window.
In the first place I am a Choral Conductor. I studied conducting at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with Frans Moonen, Jan Boogaarts and Lucas Vis. 
On my Choral Music Website you'll find my resume, a list of the repertoire I conducted. Also you'll find information about me as composer and arranger of Choral Music.
I studied Musicology at the Universities of Amsterdam and Utrecht. As a musicologist I am interested in the German composer Albert Lortzing and his significance for the history of Opera. So, I designed the "Albert Lortzing Website". The core of this website is written in English, but the documentation is, due to the subject, in German. 
I also maintain a website in Dutch on Lortzing and Biedermeier-style and a website about the Opera's of Albert Lortzing, also in Dutch. If you are interested in Lortzing, you can subscribe to my Albert Lortzing mailinglist.
The man and his music may seem a bit in conflict with most of my other values in life, but you may look at that as another part of my dynamic, versatile personality. :-)
The French-Dutch flutist, composer and flute-maker Louis Drouet was the subject of my masters thesis. Drouet was a cosmopolitan, who traveled and performed everywhere in Europe, and worked at Napoleon's court. I've transcribed my work in html and put it on my website.  Apart from a few quotes it is in Dutch and will not be updated.
I am also a music teacher at the Vrijzinnig Christelijk Lyceum in The Hague. Of course, teaching is not always easy, but most of the time it is fun. It is always a challenge to try to get young people's interest in music beyond the limitations of the hit charts. 
As a teacher I combine my job with my addiction to the web, and put a lot of materials for my students on my website. My plans for this year are to make it more interactive, so I'm working on an Electronic Learning Environment, using the MOODLE-script. Visit it and let me know if you have suggestions to improve it.
My weblog:
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Kuehleborn's Arachnophilia - a map of my web presence


My activities as a musician should be enough to fill my life, but I'm not satisfied with that alone. I'm working on pages on the following subjects for this website, but Time, my most important value, is the only limitation to all my plans and ambitions. 
Future technology will make life more interesting and we may have the possibility to transcend our limitations as human beings. That's why I became involved with Transhumanism, or rather, Extropianism. 
I'm a member of the Dutch Transhumanist Organization "Transcedo"and of the WTA, the World Transhumanist Association. If you are new to transhumanism, my Transhumanism-pages may be a good introduction.
If the earth is the cradle of humankind, it is now time to get out of the cradle and colonize space - to paraphrase the Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. Mars may be a good place to start. I'm a member of the Dutch Chapter of the Mars Society. At my Space Colonization Website you'll find some recycled news from the web, and a short article in Dutch about why we should go to Mars.
Future technologies like molecular nanotechnology, genetic engineering, reverse aging and terraforming other planets will alter our society and eventually humankind itself. 
Questions may arise (and, in fact, do already concern some luddites) about ethics, privacy and property rights. Although many people will ask for a strong government regulation, I am optimistic enough to think that human beings have the best chance to develop their full potential if they are free. Freedom means to me: having full controll of and being fully responsible for your body and the produce of your labour. 
Hmm, at first sight this may seem very obvious, but translating it to a couple of  -isms you may wind up with Libertarianism and Objectivism .
The purpose of life is to delay, avoid and eventually reverse death. Because life is good, I'm very reluctant to die. According to the deathclock I still have many years to live, but nevertheless I have decided to compete with my fate and to sign up for cryonic suspension. It is an experimental procedure to suspend human life, with the hope to be revived in the future. 
I'm a member of the Cryonics Institute and the Immortalist Society. I maintain a website on cryonics in Dutch, especially for my countrymen.